Therisso – Zourva – Meskla
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Therisso: The Gorge of Therisso with its vertical cliffs and the lush vegetation has nothing to envy of the other Chania Gorges. Combined with a visit to the historical village of Therissos is an unforgettable experience. – Estimated visit time on site (In the village): 45min.
Zourva – Meskla: Leaving from Therisso village, the scenery remains astonishing as it reveals the inner side of the White Mountain range. The villages of Zourva and Meskla are on that “path”. – Estimated visit time on site: 20min.
Botanical Park: More than 150 species of fruit trees together with the dozens of herbs, medicinal and ornamental plants makes the walk throughthis natural environment a pure pleasure. Wander through the Botanical Park slowly and leisurely, making many stops for rest in the various suitable rest points available. – Estimated visit time on site: 1h30min.
Lake of Agias: This small lake hosts the largest variety of aquatic plants in Crete, but also hosts very important species of fauna, such as rare species of ferns and frogs. Moreover, it is a shelter for many migratory and non-migratory birds. – Estimated visit time on site: 25min.

A snack/coffee stop is possible at either the Botanical Park or the Lake of Agias (price not included).

Importance Notices:
· The above prices does NOT include admission fees, wherever those apply.
· Upon prior request we can arrange a lunch break, in order to experience the traditional Cretan cuisine (please contact us for pricing details).
· A surcharge of 20€ per hour/vehicle will apply, if the time duration of the excursion exceeds the scheduled time.

Therisso – Zourva – Meskla
  • Total trip time 5 hours
  • Ride time 1.5 hours
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