“Mitato” – Shepherd’s Life
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Visiting a Shepherd’s Mitato is one in a life time opportunity to live like a true Cretan for a day!  Learn all about our history and our culture by visiting one of these stone buildings of the Cretan mountains met mainly in Psiloritis Mount and the White Mountains. A mitato is built only of stones without using binder and even today many shepherds of Crete use mitata in order to stay close to their flocks during the summer months and also use them as creameries.

Driving through an astonishing mountainous terrain we will reach to a “Mitato” located at 848m at a slope of the Psiloritis mount. In this welcoming Shepherd Shelter you will have the opportunity to see the shepherd’s life and experience Crete’s traditions: milking and feeding of the goats and sheep, sheep-shearing, production of the Cretan cheese, collection of herds or raki distillation. You will also have the chance to enjoy a delicious meal full of traditional dishes and local delicacies.

Importance Notices:

  • Meal is included in the price
“Mitato” – Shepherd’s Life
  • Ride time 4 hours
  • Total trip time 9 hours
  • Capacity (People) 4 to 20
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